The Super Energy Of Our Youth
We must not forget that over 50 percent of the Nigerian population is under 20 years old. Our sons and daughters, brothers and sisters, our grandchildren. Every one of them deserves the chance to excel. 
What is their future? What needs to be done for them? What creative initiatives need to be in place? 
They must be given hope, they must be given credible direction, they must be given role models to emulate.  
I remind the youth to never give up, and to know that not only are they the leaders of tomorrow, but are already an important and integral part of our nation. 
If schools are closed or on strike, form learning groups and together teach and support yourselves. 
Use the Internet to gather useful information for personal growth. 
Use social media to connect with like-minded peers in forming exciting and educational  groups based on fields of interest, such as robotics, engineering, medicine, renewable energy, industrial design, nutrition, marine biology, aeronautical engineering, and many others that will make you more enlightened. Never give up. 
Have a hunger for learning and excel yourselves. Take your future into your own hands when ever you can, and develop your talents and intellect with each and every opportunity you get.

Jelani Aliyu.
The  youth of Nigeria everywhere across the country, the sons and daughters of everyone, need to have their worth recognized, to be given the necessary support and direction so that within Nigeria and on the global platform they can truly perform and make important contribution towards bringing back the glory of our histories. We must have the strength and commitment to preserve and propel our civilization.
Jelani Aliyu. 


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