It's Time For Giga Projects
From the North to the South, did we not come from sustainable cultures, kingdoms and empires that engaged the authentic capabilities of all citizens and prospered?
Our future lies not in technologies and systems that are incompatible with our cultures and climate, our future lies in solar energy. The sooner we, as individuals, researchers, institutions, entrepreneurs and leaders, adopt this free and clean power source, the earlier  we shall be self sufficient in energy to power our lives, cities, farms and industries. 
Jelani Aliyu.

We currently have no need to send a Nigerian spacecraft to Mars, but what giga projects can we  all support and accomplish, or do we sit back and watch our people languish and suffer as the world around us prospers as it uses similar resources to the ones that we already have so much of.
Why can we not carpet the land with agriculture, why can we not provide every child with an education, and every house with sustainable energy and water?

The answer lies in all of us, we can only move forward if the collective Nigerian psyche is one of responsibility, compassion, humility, vision and practical priority.
Must we rely on the government for everything, where are the brains of our engineers, economists, doctors, engineers, professors, architects, designers and all experts?

It is time for giga projects, sure, we don't need to put a Nigerian on Mars, but we do need sustainable energy, abundant affordable food, and modern transportation networks. 
Why not an ultra modern tri-state railway line connecting the major towns in the states of Sokoto, Zamfara and Kebbi, with sustainable commercial hubs along the way, why not an advanced oceanographic studies and water craft design centre in Delta state, where our brightest would study marine science and also develop transportation solutions for our waterways and international shipping, why not a robotics research and development institute in Abuja to develop robotic systems for farms, construction and health care? Let us ask ourselves these questions and more like them, and then not be deterred in our quest to rightfully all work together in achieving a better life for our people.
Jelani Aliyu.



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